Make-up Bag Makeover (book here)

​A personalised lesson to ensure you have the proper products in your make-up bag

Duration: 1.5h

You will:

  • Identify the correct colours for your skin type

  • Identify the correct textures for your skin type

  • Learn to use the proper skincare for your skin type 

  • Understand the expiration date of products

  • Apply basic complexion make-up using correct techniques

DIY Bride (book here)

A personalised lesson teaching you how to prep your skin before the big day and achieve the desired make-up look by yourself

Duration: 2h

You will:

  • Identify your skin type

  • Discuss with me any skin concerns you might have

  • Receive personalised recommendations on pre-wedding skincare rituals

  • Identify the correct colours and textures for your wedding look

  • Identify the proper skincare and make-up products for the look

  • Practice the desired look with me

The Basics of Clean Beauty for Make-up Artists (book here)

A personalised lesson helping you adopt or transition to a clean beauty approach

Duration: 1.5h

You will:


  • Learn the benefits of using clean skincare and make-up

  • Identify the right products for every skin type

  • Identify clean alternatives to the current products in your kit 

  • Learn to use and mix products for achieving the best result

  • Learn to attract clients interested in this particular approach to beauty

Custom Classes (book here)

For whatever make-up needs you may have

Duration: 1.5h

Tell me about your particular interests and we will tailor the class to address them

Examples of Custom Classes: 

  • Eyeconic - Eye make-up class

  • Flawless face

  • Camera ready

  • Mature skin

  • Personal make-up shopping

Learn make-up with me 

​With 7 years of industry experience and a solid knowledge on products and techniques, I am now passing on my skills and passion for make-up and skincare. Go ahead and book one of the lessons below.

* For offline lessons and personal makeup shopping , please send me an email.

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